The system is used by the supplier of clothing, the customer desiring the clothing and the wearer ordering the clothing.

Standard features

Ecmanage is a platform with a multitude of possibilities which can be used by anyone. The basic version of Ecmanage contains everything to go ahead. A selection of possibilities is shown below:

Additional modules

You can order additional modules to activate a wide range of possibilities.

Ordering within a personal budget

Unburden your customers. Determine the budget a wearer needs to be able to order and maintain his personal clothing set. Let this budget system allow the wearer to enter orders himself.


It is no longer necessary to keep records to know whether a person can order or not.


Clothing packages

Who can order what? In a clothing package you can determine per function or employment what a person can order.


This way you can determine a personal clothing package for women and men. The wearers only order what they need from a conveniently arranged order screen.

Your client gets his own department hierarchy

Small or big, Ecmanage enables your client to work structurally.


The company structure can be entered into the system. For example different regions, locations, departments and working groups. The company structure can be set up in a hierarchy in which your wearers are incorporated.


This way it is possible to limit information and access within the hierarchy as well. The executives only see the wearers within their section.

Validation rules during ordering

Validation rules make it possible to limit the ordering freedom of wearers. Think for instance of:

  • At most one coat a year
  • In case of a choice from 3 trousers, only one of the three per year
  • Or a maximum of 5 shirts in one order

Size differences

In some cases it is necessary to make clothing to measure. In case trousers should be two centimeter longer, this can be indicated when ordering. The records are stored and will be available for subsequent orders.

Which adjustments are possible? You are free to decide. The personal adjustment codes are entered and can be determined per item. For each item it is determined which adjustments are possible.

Registration of returns and handing-ins

In the event of a wrong delivery or order, the wearer can return the products. This way the records remain correct and show how many items a customer has in his possession.

In the event that a person leaves the employment the handing-in route is used. Especially for workwear, handing in of recognizable clothing is important for safety reasons.

Personal items

Not all company clothing should be included in a general clothing package for all wearers. A clothing package is not always suitable for all employees.

In many cases employees use (special) personal items, like shoes or PPE like hearing protection or fall protection. A made-to-measure item can be linked to a wearer. This means that when an item should be replaced its exact specifications are available in the system.

Clothing regulations

Almost all organizations have a dress code. It is possible to make a wearer agree to the regulations, rules or contract before placing the first order.

Dealer Module

Within Ecmanage each client can be filed in a personal environment. This has many advantages but occasionally it is easier to create an environment for various clients at the same time. This is possible within the dealer module.

Within the dealer module one product range can be managed for various clients. Contact Ecmanage to enquire about the possibilities.


Within the basic environment of Ecmanage many reports can be generated to get an understanding of the use of the system. They are standard available for all clients. In the event that a certain report should not be available, it can most probably be added easily.

It is also possible to export email addresses in order to inform clothing carriers.

Payment through iDEAL

Instead of wearers or clients ordering through a budget it is also possible to use the Ideal module where a person can pay directly through iDEAL.

Portal checklist

The portal checklist allows the supplier to check at a glance whether the client portal has been set up correctly for the customer.

Extra: Your client gets his own layout

Ecmanage is an internet application and has a number of standard templates which can be adapted to your client’s appearance. Both the web site and the e-mail communication is adaptable. You can standard upload and use your client’s logo.

In an additional module it is possible to run Ecmanage in the e-mail communication in a completely personal style, with personal URL and personal appearance.

Extra : Complaints registration module

Ecmanage has developed an additional complaints registration module.


Extra: Project and cost place module

It is possible to link orders to projects or cost places.

With this additional module the person placing the order is required to give additional information. Through management modules available for this purpose, projects or cost places can be maintained. By using a final date it is possible to also keep a periodic overview.

Extra: Stock management

By means of the stock management module Ecmanage offers the possibility to keep track of the stocks. Orders made by wearers or clients are debited to the manually entered stocks.

Extra: Address validation

With the address validation module both the entry of addresses and the import of addresses can be checked by a so-called postal code lookup. By means of a management module it can checked whether addresses are correctly entered or need to be corrected.

Of course this only applies when the person ordering enters the address himself or when a logistics service indicates that addresses are not normalized.

Extra: Postal code check

Ecmanage has developed a new module that allows for all addresses to be checked in Ecmanage. This check is done on the basis of postcode and house number.


Extra: Web shop module

With the web shop module a browse web page can be made to locate the web site. We shall be pleased to show you how internet orders can be made through this module.


Extra: links to ERP systems

Of each order a copy is forwarded by e-mail. At a certain volume it is logical to send the orders automatically to a ERP system where they are processed.

Ecmanage has standard interface modules available for standard ERP systems. In case of customization a standard interface is used whereby standard XML based orders are used.