Ecmanage is suitable to many applications and market segments. For instance, consider the following target groups:

  • Producers/suppliers of corporate clothing/workwear
  • Technical wholesalers
  • Transportation
  • Central authorities
  • Offshore
  • Security companies
  • And many more

This Group of users can effortlessly take their services to a new level with the aid of Ecmanage. Specific advantages for this group include:

  • Adding an unlimited amount of customers with a personal user environment and one’s own corporate identity
  • Reducing internal hidden costs
  • The possibility of linkages with multiple ERP-systems

For this group of users apply the same conditions as for manufacturers / suppliers of workwear. Technical wholesalers can improve their services with the following specific benefits:

  • All benefits also accorded to producers / suppliers
  • Periodical inspection of tools and personal protective equipment
  • Organization of personal equipment in commercial vehicles ( technicians / installers)
  • Personal items

In particular for security companies it is very important to be able to efficiently manage the issuance and maintenance of uniforms.

Central authorities consist of entities like the Police, the Fire department or the ministry of defense.  These various government agencies are organized in a decentralized way, although the procurement is done in a centralized manner. Ecmanage enables you to (optionally) move from decentralized management to centralized management.

In The Netherlands, all Fire departments make use of Ecmanage. This process is facilitated in a synchronized way by the IFV.

For the offshore markets Ecmanage has developed a special cost center module. Temporary projects can be facilited in this manner and the costs are automatically charged to the appropriate cost centers.